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Game Informer has shared more info about Sonic Frontiers

sonic in upcoming Sonic Frontiers

Yesterday was a major news day for fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Sonic Frontiers was seen in Nintendo’s Mini Direct Partner Showcase, and it included the first footage of the game’s Cyberspace levels. The same day, Game Informer and the official Sonic Twitter account announced that the newest Game Informer issue would feature Sonic and include more information about the game.

Sure enough, scans of the issue are now beginning to appear online and users are beginning to report on what they’ve read from the magazine. A lot of new details about Sonic Frontiers were revealed in the magazine. A bulletpoint list that a ResetEra user shared of the info can be seen down below.

  • Controls were complemented multiple times. “Smooth and fast but not unwieldy”, “Jumping is precise”. “Speedy by controlled”.
  • The game starts with a cyber space level based on Green Hill Zone. You reach the open world afterwards.
  • The cyber space levels are number. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc. The first one worked as a tutorial and was done in “less than a minute”.
  • 1-2 is “Unleashed inspired”. 1-3 is “metropolitan” – probably the one from the trailer ? -. Other levels are inspired by Green Hill (again) and Chemical Plant.
  • Sonic Team listened to the criticism of the past few games being too short and think that Frontiers is a significant improvement in this regard.
  • No mention of other islands in the preview, but they found Kronos Island to be quiet large. ” Quell any concerns I had that Sonic would be able to speed across too quickly”.
  • The main loop is getting Portal Gears by defeating bosses => Using them to unlock Cyber Space levels => getting Vault Keys by finishing the Cyber Space level different challenges => Using them to unlock vaults containing the Chaos Emeralds.
  • You can increase Sonic’s strength and defense by collecting seed and giving them to the Hermit Koco. You can increase his top speed and ring limit by returning lost Kocos to the Elder Kocos. You can fast travel to them once you’ve met them.
  • Big is in the game. Teaches you a fishing mini game.
  • Amy gives you quests when you hit different milestones in collecting her hearts. They center on helping Kocos. One they found especially difficult included leading several lost Kocos back to their mother while avoiding explosions.
  • They enjoyed the boss fights variety. The Flyer boss fight was one of their favorite moments in the game.
  • “Shows more potential than I can recall for any 3D Sonic game”.


10 thoughts on “Game Informer has shared more info about Sonic Frontiers”

  1. Wait so that’s it wasn’t there supposed to be a cyberspace showcase specifically today, I’m starting to think apotas day might be the 1-2 since it’s one of unleashed most iconic stages and it’s also a beginning stage just like green hill, I still need to hear more about this game as I don’t like the open world aspect and I rather just play the zones than run around an empty like area doing random sidequest.

  2. I’m ok with the open world aspect in this game, but it feels like this game is going to show off other ironic stages again from the Sonic franchise like chemical plant or casino night zone or maybe city escape. I really hate to admit this, but feels like this game has reach its broken point possibly. Also, I really have no thoughts about the controls yet that they mention in this article.

  3. Honestly, I am fairly hyped for Frontiers; the Direct trailer ignited my hope that this game would succeed (granted, it had a banger track in the background).

    I just hope that there is more variety in bosses than what we’ve seen so far, and that the enemies aren’t damage sponges; other than that, I am happy with the game so far

      1. Im hoping for a good turn out. The recent details released have made me lean more toward the purchase. People are really crying the salt for this one, I say open world is great if done right.

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