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Sega shows off a short new trailer for Sonic Frontiers

sonic in sonic frontiers

Update: IGN has also published seven minutes of new footage which you can view here!

Sega revealed some new Sonic Frontiers footage today during the Sonic Central stream. The footage showed off some of the boss fights which will take place in on both land and air. It was cool to see a large Nights like boss that swirls through the air producing a surface for Sonic to run on and then tackle once he’s sped his way to the top. We didn’t get to see any other environments other than the grass filled stage that we saw last week during the IGN Sonic Frontiers showcase. Sega has said that they have more Sonic Frontiers content to show throughout June including interviews with key developers at the Sonic Team. Sega also showed off a sneak peek at the upcoming animated Sonic Frontiers prologue. Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to launch on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch later this year.

7 thoughts on “Sega shows off a short new trailer for Sonic Frontiers”

  1. Ign also release a new vid on frontiers it’s the same gameplay but it goes into more details about game core mechanics and stuff, also ign did confirm the gameplay we been is an early build of game which explains why it’s lacking alot of stuff, they should have probably mention that in their first vid to avoid backlash tbh.

  2. Man, that Sonic Central was pretty… barren. I’m not really sure why they bothered to make a whole presentation just to show off maybe 30 seconds of new stuff.

    That said, Origins still looks like everything I wanted it to be, and they confirmed the gameplay we’ve seen of Frontiers so far has been early build footage, which makes me slightly more confident about the game.

    1. It’s kinda obvious sonic central was thrown together the only new thing here was the 20 some sec clip of frontiers everything else was stuff we already knew or announcements that should have been made in a nice tweet or done in a small YouTube trailer heck they even said mephilies name wrong and mention tails being playable in fall guys despite having no footage of him in gameplay trailers this would have been a nice event if all this was reveal in late April or early May

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