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Kirby’s Dream Buffet coming this summer to Switch and features local & online multiplayer

Kirby's new game Kirby Dream Buffet

Who’s hungry for some multiplayer Kirby fun? This summer, the Kirby’s Dream Buffet game is coming to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, serving up a helping of fun local or online multiplayer action through a variety of food-themed courses that even the pickiest of eaters will want to devour.

Launching in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, the My Nintendo Store on and at retail, Kirby’s Dream Buffet finds Kirbys rolling through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages in four rounds of frantic multiplayer fun. Players will race each other through these delicious obstacle courses to collect strawberries as Kirby grows, bumping other players off the stage and using familiar Copy Abilities – or Copy Food Abilities, as they are called in this game – to thwart the competition.

You can see Kirby’s Dream Buffet in action by watching the game’s announcement trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. Kirby’s Dream Buffet offers easy-to-understand gameplay for players of all skill levels, but also presents a healthy challenge for those looking to satiate their craving for friendly competition.

Source: Nintendo of America

10 thoughts on “Kirby’s Dream Buffet coming this summer to Switch and features local & online multiplayer”

  1. Honestly not surprise they did say they were going to do more for Kirby anniversary but I honestly thought we were gonna get some short 2d Kirby spinoff tbh definitely can’t wait for dream buffet though.

  2. This is the mario kart killer we’ve been asking for!

    RIP mario kart 8, no one is going to miss you.

  3. Why does the article say its also coming to retail? It says right there in the tweet exclusively on eshop. Really starting to wonder why i still come to this site.

  4. Is this Kirby’s take on Fall Guys? I love how pretty and fun this looks. Why do I feel this was supposed to be a leftover mode from The Forgotten Land.

  5. I’m definitely more than interested in giving this a try. After all, I’m a big Kirby fan. However, I’m really curious about the price.

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