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Warframe developers share cinematic look at Soulframe which is in early development

Digital Extremes, the company which has seen success with their fast paced action game Warframe, has given fans a look at their next project which is titled Soulframe. The team showed off a lovely cinematic trailer for their fantasy game which they say draws inspiration from classic fantasy-themed films such as Princess Mononoke and The NeverEnding Story in a new interview with The Washington Post. They also said that the combat in Soulframe “will be slowly paced and melee-focused” compared to Warframe. In the interview it was also revealed that basic concepts for the game began floating around at Digital Extremes back in 2019, so the game’s release isn’t coming anytime soon. Still, the concept looks pretty intriguing.


6 thoughts on “Warframe developers share cinematic look at Soulframe which is in early development”

  1. That “Join us, won’t you” at the end of the trailer was so off-putting it just summed up the whole thing.

    The trailer is about a naken man who clearly are captured and then beaten to death; and probably reincarnated as this soulframe or whatever. Seems nothing to be joining, rather forced into. The joining concept is about being a part of the game community and spend a lot of cash in the almost guaranteed live service scheme this game is going to have.

    Warframe was cool and all, but that monetisation model is so unappealing that even this beautiful trailer actually managed to give me a bitter aftertaste, because I know this is going to milk us all dry for cash.

      1. That’s the problem. Seems to have potential, as Warframe had, but when it’s littered with traps to make you pay endless with money, it’s just not worth it.

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