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Level 5 will share news on latest Inazuma Eleven game this week

Level-5 president Akihiro Hino has said on Twitter said that the Japanese development studio will finally share information on the new Inazuma Eleven game this week. The game, which is titled Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes and was originally announced in 2018, was postponed with the release date shifting to 2023. We will finally see what the changes were for the football-based game on the official Level 5 blog later this week with a trailer too, presumably.

3 thoughts on “Level 5 will share news on latest Inazuma Eleven game this week”

  1. Lvl5 is one of the dumbest companies to ever exist!
    They chose to abandon releasing games in the west, before giving Yokai Watch 4 a chance, because of poor sales.
    What made it worse was Yokai Watch 4 releasing in the west, when the switch lacked games at the time BTW, would have would have sold extremely well because there few new games and everyone wanted a next Gen pokemon style game, which even the Nintendo was incapable of getting right at the time.
    LVL5 screwed fans over that choice and don’t deserve any support.

    1. I also heard that their Ni No Kuni mobile game is filled with micro transactions or something similar. I was going to play it on launch day but got put off by some of the reports at the time. Shame.

      1. It also has blockchain and other anti consumer things on the app Nintendo life made a report about it before launch, it’s pretty stupid and sucks I bet ykw4 would have help revitalize the yokai craze tbh and we could have gotten more localize level 5 games

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