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A second labor complaint has been filed against Nintendo of America

You may recall that, back in April, a labor complaint had been filed against Nintendo of America and Aston Carter, a firm it uses for hiring contractors. The complaint alleged that both Nintendo and Aston Carter violated their legally protected right to unionize.

Unfortunately, it seems that this was not an isolated incident. The National Labor Relations Board has received another complaint from another worker related to Nintendo and Aston Carter. This time, both companies are accused of establishing “coercive rules”, as well as having “in some way retaliated, discharged or disciplined a worker for engaging in protected activity with others”.

The allegations might sound vague, but according to Axios, these “generally involve workers saying their employer has interfered with their ability to discuss working conditions or form a union”. So, it seems that this complaint is similar to the first one filed in April. According to Axios, they requested a comment from representatives from Nintendo and Aston Carter, but neither gave a reply back.


5 thoughts on “A second labor complaint has been filed against Nintendo of America”

  1. It’s funny how this is really only happening in America. People there are lazy, and fat. They’ve found a way to abuse the legal system in order to get paid big bucks for doing nothing. People who are doing this have never done a hard days work in their lives. They’ve had everything handed to them from mommy and daddy, and now that mommy and daddy can’t go to their boss and demand that their little sweetie get everything done for them they have to abuse the system, and cry woe is me.

    1. Like it’s ruined your chance to buy CoD or Battlefield who are infinitely x infinity³ worse than NoA and this is like the 2nd in the past several decades unlike EA and Activision-Blizzard who constantly get these labor complaints.

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