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Denuvo selling new product called “Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection”

Denuvo and their products are not popular at all on the PC, for multiple reasons. For example, they don’t actually stop piracy entirely, like they say it does. And games that have Denuvo DRM in it usually see issues with the game’s technical performance. Unfortunately, it seems that the company is looking into expanding their efforts to consoles.

Their first target is the Nintendo Switch. The company has announced a “Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection” product, which they claim will prevent Switch games from being pirated on the PC. Denuvo has since confirmed that Nintendo is not involved with this, and that the DRM won’t have online checks. The inclusion of online checks is another issue that has drawn some criticism of Denuvo products on the PC. The product seems to be mainly for third-party publishers to use, and not for Nintendo’s first-party games. Nevertheless, if you didn’t like Denuvo’s work before, it is very unlikely that this will change your mind.


4 thoughts on “Denuvo selling new product called “Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection””

  1. If my switch got stolen or broken, I would consider emulation. I remember the pain of losing my gba at an airport and my ps2 console breaking in high school.

  2. Crap lik this is precisely why I’m playing less and less videogames and focusing on other entertainment outlets.
    Micro/macrotransactions, live services, digital only distribution aka renting a license to temporarily play a game, subscription based console services, physical ownership being bastardized on a daily basis, day one patches because devs are too cheap and lazy to hire play testers, sony being greedy f@#$ and price gouging on their trash system, and now denuvo ruining switch games!? No, just No!
    The game industry is dead and no amount of indie games will save it, enjoy whatever the hell this trash industry now is.
    Sad part is games developed today aren’t even as fun as games were back then, I’ve literally found myself just trying to get my hands on older games from the Dreamcast and ps2 era.

    1. I kind of agree. Less and less games have that special feeling now that playing on the older consoles did. Gaming as a whole is pretty expensive. I don’t think I’ll even try to collect the older ones that much. I’m just slowly growing out of the hobby at this point.

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