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Voice of Cards 3: The Beasts of Burden discovered on PS Database

Square Enix’s unique JRPG Voice of Cards which is set in a world of swords and sorcery and told entirely through the medium of cards is getting a third game, according to the PlayStation Database. The latest game is titled Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden and is expected to be revealed during an upcoming PlayStation Showcase, Nintendo Direct, or perhaps the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off next month. The PS Database also revealed that the upcoming PlayStation 5 game Valkyrie Elysium will be getting a demo.


3 thoughts on “Voice of Cards 3: The Beasts of Burden discovered on PS Database”

  1. Yes, yes,yes,
    The 3rd Voice of Cards, I’ve got the platinum for both on PlayStation. Voice of Cards is amazing, i expected if a 3rd game would be available it wouldn’t be long especially since The Forsaken Maiden related within months after the 1st game. The Forsaken Maiden added “alot” of new features like weather effects, a ton of new cards etc Voice of Cards story telling is spectacular, Yoko Taro did an amazing job on the 1st 2 games so i have high hopes for the 3rd entry in the series.
    The Forsaken Maiden had preorders available on The Switch but not on PSN, PSN had a day one edition that included the Neir Automata dlc.
    Hopefully the 3rd game still has the parlor with the mini game, and custom deck features with that TCG gameplay element. The Forsaken Maiden focused alot on AoE Atk’s specifically during the end game and post game.
    Definitely be keeping my eye out for The Beasts of Burden, the 1st 2 games in this series are fire. The narration during the campaign is some of the best I’ve ever heard.

  2. The 1st Voice of Cards had preorders available on The Switch and PSN, Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden had preorders available on The Switch but not on PSN. Not sure if The Beasts of Burden will have digital preorders available it’s purely speculation at this point, the 1st 2 games had a $40 price tag so it’s probably safe to assume The Beasts of Burden will be about the same. Hope the dev’s announce a release date soon.

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