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The Pokemon Company shares new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer

The Pokemon Company has shared a new 14 minute trailer for their upcoming Nintendo Switch adventures, Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet, which will be released this November. The trailer showed Farigiraf, which is an evolution of Girafarig from the classic Pokemon Gold & Silver video games. The lengthy overview trailer also gave players a further look at the new Terrastalized Pokemon mechanic, which is new for the long-running video game series. Another new addition to the Pokemon franchise is that you can now make sandwiches for your Pokemon when at camp, which when fed to a Pokemon makes encountering different types of Pokemon easier depending on which sandwich you have used. Finally, there are Pokemon Bases to make and TM Machines. Check out the new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet down below

7 thoughts on “The Pokemon Company shares new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer”

  1. Its nice that they show us all the goods in a 14 minute video, but they could at least give us a small glimpse of the starter Pokémon’s evolutions in this video which that should have satisfied us.

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