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Tales of Symphonia Remastered gets new trailer and coming February, 2023

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Bandai Namco has finally announced when JRPG fans can play Tales of Symphonia Remastered and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch in February 2023. The original Tales of Symphonia was a charming adventure built for the GameCube and was released in Japan in 2003 and North America and Europe in 2004. It is a lengthy game, with an interesting cast of characters, plenty of action and of course, an in-depth storyline. The downside is that the remastered version is 30fps on all consoles. Tales of Symphonia Remastered will arrive on Nintendo Switch and other platforms on 17th February, 2023.

4 thoughts on “Tales of Symphonia Remastered gets new trailer and coming February, 2023”

  1. That’s awesome, I’ve played alot of the Tales games such as Tales of Graces F, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Zestiria, Tales of Beseria, Tales of Arise etc Haven’t played Tales of Symphonia, this is great news and what’s more is the remaster is multi platform.

    I hope they add additional features, my only complaint with older games within the series is the main quest in the campaign doesn’t always give a waypoint for your objective and i find myself wondering around aimlessly .

    1. I would say temper your expectations. ToS is an amazing game. But the mechanics are outdated by today’s entries. If you go in expecting anything like the newer entries,, you’ll be disappointed.

      With that being said. The story is one of the best ones in the series, if not, THE best. I’ve been a long time fan (only having missed Tales of tempest, and Tales of Arise) and Tales of Symphonia is still my favorite.

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