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Team Water wins Splatoon 3 x Pokemon Splatfest

Team Water wins Pokemon x Splatoon splatfest

By now, you’re more than likely aware of Team Water, Team Fire and Team Grass battling in a Splatoon 3 and Pokemon crossover Splatfest that has been taking place this weekend. Well, the Splatfest has come to an end tonight, and a winner has been declared.

It has been announced by the official Splatoon Twitter that Team Water has won the Splatfest. In fact, they managed to do it with “a flawless 45p score”. You can see their official announcement tweet about the matter down below.

7 thoughts on “Team Water wins Splatoon 3 x Pokemon Splatfest”

  1. This is just the NA ranking, though, right? Europe might have a different ranking?

    Though if Team Water also won in Europe, then hell yeah! It’d be my second Splatfest victory in succession! I even got to actually play a few Tri-Color Battles yesterday as part of the lading team, and they were a lot of fun! Last Splatfest, when I wasn’t on the leading team, I didn’t even get a single one.

    1. No this is all regions :) While the Splatfest took place at different times (due to timezones) the goal is always rolled into one and Team Water was the winner.

  2. Even though I was in Team Water, just wanna say from my experience Team Fire and Team Grass sure did put up 1 hell of a challenge so I extend my gratitude to you all as well.

  3. I’m surprised nobody brought up how awfully flawed tricolor is, they literally shrink the stage and made it smaller than it’s average size instead of actually making a custom stage which allowed the winning team to camp it’s opponents even more easier they literally just reverse the issue the winning team had in the first opening, that being said I always like how deepcut always have a good game personality despite one team wining they always state in the end that all the choice are good when you put them together.

  4. I was on Team Water. I knew we’d do well but I didn’t think we’d dominate like this. Wish I had the time to max out my rank so I could get the most amount of prizes, but work had me living there all weekend (f*ck Black Panther, it’s just more Marvel garbage).

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