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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet most pre-ordered Pokemon games so far

pokemon double pack for switch

The chief operating officer at The Pokemon Company, Takahito Utsunomiya, has told fans attending the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launch event in Tokyo, Japan, that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the most pre-ordered Pokemon game so far. It is not entirely clear if this is worldwide or just in Japan, but if the series launch is as big as it seems to be then we will undoubtedly get a press release from The Pokemon Company on Monday. The latest Pokemon adventures have an average score of 77 on review aggregator Metacritic. Here’s what was said via Safari Translate:

“Pokémon series that was born in Japan and raised by fans all over the world. The latest game will be released all over the world tomorrow, on November 18,” he said, thanking his fans, “I’m happy that the number of pre-orders is already the largest Pokémon series in the past. I’m looking forward to delivering it to you tomorrow.”

Takahito Utsunomiya

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15 thoughts on “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet most pre-ordered Pokemon games so far”

  1. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is amazing, already a few hours in and it’s far better then i ever expected. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is beautiful, they did an amazing job on the amount of details, I’ve been playing in handheld mode and i can still see the amount of detail.

      1. Get my eyes checked, im not gonna sit here and write a list of pros and cons and nitpick every detail. That’s what Gamefaqs fourms are for and YouTube reviews, i just said they did an amazing job on the amount of detail. That doesn’t necessarily mean it couldn’t use an update for performance or stability. Im not gonna sit here and point out every detail so some random fanboys can start attacking me because i voiced an opinion or because i told the truth and they can’t accept it.

        1. I was making a joke, you said you could “see details”. My username is “Dr. Pupil”. It’s a joke about eyesight.

        1. Why do you keep implying ppl are haters, if anything pointing out flaws is constructive criticism. How has anyone tried stopping the game from selling anyhow, i purposely haven’t posted anything negative about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet because of random fanboys who get all huffy and attack anyone who post anything negative. But really, the only negative thing i can post is that Pokemon Violet hard locked on the main menu even after i pressed A it wouldn’t do anything. The only trouble shooting technique i did was turn off the Switch for roughly 3 minutes and restart.

          You just state stuff as fact, not sure how voicing an opinion or because someone has an issue with the game makes them a hater.

  2. I guess violet is better than shining pearl. I need to buy a switch first. Indiana is a miserable state to be a gamer.

  3. I got Violet and I can’t stop playing. It’s so addictive. I’m glad the leveling up isn’t easy like I was told it was super easy like Sword/Shield.

  4. Sure the performance is bad but so what at least the Switch has multiply Pokémon games and don’t have to wait nearly 20 years for Nintendo to finally bring something besides Mario and Zelda.
    Pikmin 4 is nearly complete right? Took 7 years to finally see some Pikmin 4 footage. Yet Acrcues and Violet came out the same year about 9 months apart. And when are we going to get Astral Chain 2? By 2035? I wouldn’t be surprised. The gap between Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 4 is 18 years apart. How many Pokémon , Zelda and Mario games came out between Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 4? Amazing how Breath of the Wild and Tesrs of the Sun are less than. 6 years apart yet Pikmin 3 and 4 are about 9 to 10 years apart.

    1. That’s very true, I couldn’t agree with you more, but gamefreak’s only focus is Pokemon, where Nintendo are focusing on multiple games and titles, plus Nintendo don’t believe in flooding the market with excessive titles that don’t offer much in the way of new experiences. So with titles like mario and Zelda, they will do a new one every 6 or 7 years. Pikmin has been a disaster with the lengthy time gaps, it seems Nintendo haven’t been interested in Pikmin being a thing, but they seem to want to plug the 10 year gap with a new title. Nintendo seem awfully lazy these days, and I think the wii u failure has a lot to do with this, they are not trying very hard with anything especially with the switch eshop. The only original title’s on the switch is Mario oddysey, and Kirby forgotten land. The rest is copy and pasted from the past, even Zelda breath of the wild is a copy and paste from the wii u. I believe Nintendo will announce Zelda wind waker at e3 next year to plug another 10 year gap from the 2013 release. I’m not expecting anything great or amazing from Nintendo for the next 5 years. We can only expect more copy and paste titles really,

    1. Just because the majority of the Pokémon Scarlett / Violet player base acknowledge the poor performance doesn’t mean they are “hating on the game” and are “losers”
      It’s just a bit of disappointment. However, the gameplay exploring is fun

  5. If only we could take Game Freak’s strategy at making games immediately and Nintendo’s Strategy to quality and optimization on weak hardware and combined them then we would be getting a new Star Fox, Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Kong, Metroid Prime and Pikmin game every year.

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