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GameStop website seemingly glitched revealing partial information (Update: GameStop says test)

Update: GameStop has told VGC that it was testing something:

“GameStop’s Customer Care team has responded, claiming that the addresses and names appearing in customers’ accounts were part of a test and “not actual customer data. “

“This was immediately fixed the same day it took place. This was test data created by our teams, not actual customer data.”

GameStop CS

“However, an online search suggests that some of the names and addresses that were shown to customers on its website could match real people. VGC has asked if real address data was used.”

Reports are doing the rounds on social media and Reddit that GameStop’s website glitched earlier today and revealed partial customer information to different customers. Various screenshots seem to show that GameStop customers full names, addresses, date of birth, email addresses and partial card information were shown to some customers accessing their GameStop online accounts. Users report that refreshing the GameStop account page caused a cycling of different GameStop members customer information and they couldn’t change their own passwords due to the glitch. A similar thing happened back in December 2015 on PC gaming platform Steam where customer account information was inadvertently shared with other Steam customers. GameStop has yet to confirm this.


2 thoughts on “GameStop website seemingly glitched revealing partial information (Update: GameStop says test)”

  1. I’ma Power Up rewards member, the website told me change my information and now I’m locked out of the website. Ah well, the so called exclusive merchandise isn’t all that great anyhow or even exclusive.

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