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UK charts: Pokemon Violet & Scarlet sales down 64% each in their 2nd week

pokemon double pack for switch

Christopher Dring, who publishes the UK charts each week for Games Industry, has revealed that sales of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet were down 64% each in their second week on sale in the biggest games market in Europe, the United Kingdom. The full charts haven’t come through just yet, so it is not clear where they are placed in the top ten this week. They have been replaced at the top spot this week by FIFA 23 with sales of the popular football game booming over Black Friday due to discounts and the World Cup. Dring does point out that Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl were down around 58% in their second week in November 2021, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus was down 72% in its second week on sale in the UK in February 2022.

7 thoughts on “UK charts: Pokemon Violet & Scarlet sales down 64% each in their 2nd week”

  1. I just hate having Pokemon specific to each game, and not having a wider variety of clothes. Hope they add additional clothes with a free update or dlc at some point.

  2. My only real complaint so far with the game is that it takes longer to build competitive Pokémon then it did in Sword and Shield, going backwards on QoLs never a good thing. Well that and the unskippable animations get old when you’re trying to farm raids, also for that reason I’d also like there to be an option to turn off battle animations; like there was in Sword and Shield for farming purposes, but they have removed that option for some reason.

    1. I hate games that don’t let you skip the animation and makes you view it every time. They could implement auto battles, auto repeat, fast forward battles, skip animations etc like Disgaea 6. It makes battles a breeze having everything turned on. You can go do whatever or take a nap and auto level your party. I hate viewing animations every time.

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