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Urshifu coming to Pokemon UNITE in December

It has been over a year since Pokemon UNITE released on the Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile devices. Since then, the game has been seeing a steady stream of updates. The latest example of this was announced earlier today.

The official Pokemon UNITE Twitter account has confirmed that Urshifu, a melee All-Rounder Pokemon, will be coming to the game on December 1st. You can see the announcement tweet, which includes a “character spotlight” video showcasing Urshifu gameplay, down below.

1 thought on “Urshifu coming to Pokemon UNITE in December”

  1. Wonder if they have any scheduled updates planned for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that add additional Pokemon or just the exclusive Pokemon from each game for the other. Like i got Crueledge an exclusive Pokemon from Violet, wonder if they ever add Crueledge for Scarlet besides just trading.

    Getting Crueledge is no joke, getting the Senistea chips is frustrating because they have low RNG and you need 10. I got Crueledge now, but it was kinda frustrating getting 10 Senistea chips.

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