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Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass revealed, Wave 1 coming January 20th

Fire Emblem Engage hasn’t even released yet, but that doesn’t mean that Nintendo doesn’t have DLC already planned for the game soon. In fact, during The Game Awards 2022, Nintendo has officially announced that very thing.

Nintendo has announced the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass. There will be 4 waves of additional content, with the first wave releasing on January 20th. This is the same day that the base game will release. The official announcement tweet, which includes a trailer of the DLC, is down below.

7 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass revealed, Wave 1 coming January 20th”

  1. Can companies PLEASE stop announcing that paid DLC will be available the day a game comes out? It legit gives off the impression that they’re holding back content, like they’re okay with squeezing out a little more from consumers.

    1. I remember Fire Emblem Echoes and their DLC. They did sooo much shady stuff there. And their pricing scheme was horrible as well, outright lied in the Norwegian marked, telling us buying the bundle instead of separate DLC would be cheaper, while it actually was cheaper to buy stuff separate. They know FE fans are diehard adult people with money, so they’re just squeezing us here.

  2. Yeesh, I think announcing this before the game came out was a bad call. Fortunately, from the looks of it, it does seem like the first wave doesn’t have much so maybe it’s similar to base Fire Emblem Warriors where the first wave is just a small bonus with the bigger waves coming later.

  3. Well I know a lot of people might not like the fact they’re already announcing DLC packs for a game that hasn’t come out yet, I am hyped: I’ll take any excuse to play more Claude and embrace my inner Golden Deer 🦌

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