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New clip of The Super Mario Bros. Movie released

There had been speculation for a few days now that The Game Awards 2022 may contain some news on The Super Mario Bros. Movie. However, Nintendo had premiered a new trailer very recently, which really kept expectations in check.

Well, it seems that keeping expectations in check was not necessary. A new clip of The Super Mario Bros. Movie was revealed tonight, which puts the spotlight on the Toads. You can see the video of the new movie clip down below.

2 thoughts on “New clip of The Super Mario Bros. Movie released”

  1. The part of the trailer that starts at 1 minute 10 seconds is pretty cool. Will see the majority of the movie Just from watching the trailers. Someone wake me when they release another trailer 3,2,1…

  2. I like Pratt’s voice in this. He’s clearly trying to do a fusion of Lou Albano’s voice AND Charles Martinet’s: Brooklyn accent & high pitched. The more I hear it, the less I want Martinet’s stereotypical Italian one.

    Besides, the man is gonna pass away one day. Even more besides that, altering one’s voice is alot more taxing on the vocals than people think. He could one day need to be replaced long before he even dies. Hell. I remember when Steven Tyler started having trouble with his vocals because of his long drawn out notes. (Speaking of, I hope he’s okay since he had to cancel a show this week. Please don’t die next. đŸ˜«đŸ˜­)

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