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Rayman 4 leaks along with original source code

The awesome Rayman

Ubisoft‘s unfortunately canned 3D platformer Rayman 4 has surfaced along with the source code and the game’s editor. Rayman’s adventure was abandoned when the Wii came out and the team decided to move forward with the Rabbids franchise which became a success for the studio and Rayman was ultimately pushed aside for the pesky creatures. Twitter user RibShark has provided images and videos of the leaked Rayman 4 which you can check out on their Twitter account. There’s some interesting features including Rayman riding around on a giant spider along with a variety of zany test levels, and even a naked Rayman skin. It is a crying shame that Rayman 4 was cancelled and put aside for the Rabbids, but he will be making an appearing later this year in the DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.


4 thoughts on “Rayman 4 leaks along with original source code”

  1. I was shocked Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope was worked on immediately after the first one released. Ubisoft doesn’t usually do nothing unless it’s Just Dance. Rayman Legends says “hi.”

    1. Nice to know I’m not the only one waiting decades for sequels. I’m still waiting for Rayman Legends 2. I guess will wait until 2034.

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