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Japan: Nintendo & Editmode reveal Splatoon 3 merchandise

Nintendo has partnered with clothing manufacturer Editmode to create real clothing based on the in-game clothes which Inklings and Octolings wear in the popular Splatoon 3 video game. The first item is the Manatee Swag Sweater, which looks excellent in-game, with the real life version of the cute grey sweatshirt retailing for 14,850 Yen. They also have the Tri-Squid Tee available in both black and white for 5,555 Yen and a stylish white and black Splatoon 3-themed carrying bag for 14,850 Yen. Editmode has an option for international shipping, if you would like to get your hands on these items.

6 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo & Editmode reveal Splatoon 3 merchandise”

  1. While japan is where they have all the main stuff imo, I feel like they would make a lot more money if alot this stuff was available the america and Europe online store, alot of the stuff is lackluster compare to the all the content japan has in it’s online store.

    1. Unfortunately, if we want the same good stuff Japan gets, we have to visit Nintendo World Store in New York. I like to think Nintendo World at Universal would be another good place to get Japan level merch. So once they get NW up at Universal Florida, that’ll be 3 places in the US to get it. Since most of the money theme parks make is from merch, food, & drinks, there is bound to be at least one Nintendo merch store there.

  2. Is the international shipping confirmed? They no longer seem to have an English website and when I try to make an account it’s Japan only.

  3. For clarification, the bag is not an item you can purchase by itself, it is simply a bonus item that comes free with the sweatshirt.

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