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Puzzle Bobble and Bust a Move collection coming to Switch in February

City Connection has announced that it has been working on a special Puzzle Bobble and Bust a Move collection which will arrive on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms next month. Fans will be able to play ports of the arcade games Puzzle Bobble 2X and Puzzle Bobble 3, as well as the four home console versions released in both Japan and the west with added original modes along with the handy rewind feature, quick save features, and more. You can get your hands on collection of classic puzzle games on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Thursday, 2nd February.

Featured Modes

  • Arcade Editions of Puzzle Bobble 2X / BUST-A-MOVE 2 Arcade Edition – Home console ports of the Japanese and overseas versions of the arcade games Puzzle Bobble 2 and Puzzle Bobble 2X (one or two players).
  • Arcade Editions of Puzzle Bobble 3 / BUST-A-MOVE 3 – Home console ports of the Japanese and overseas versions of the arcade game Puzzle Bobble 3 (one or two players).
  • Challenge Mode – Meet certain conditions to clear stages (Puzzle Bobble 3 / BUST-A-MOVE 3).
  • Collection Mode – Play a total of 1,026 stages designed by players from the time (Puzzle Bobble 3).
  • Edit Mode – Place bubbles in the field to create your own stages (Puzzle Bobble 2X / BUST-A-MOVE 2 Arcade Edition).

Convenient Features and Option Settings Only Available in S-Tribute

  • Rewind – Rewind gameplay a by certain amount of time and resume.
  • Slow Mode – Slow game pace down with a single button press.
  • Quick Save / Load – Save game state at any point.
  • Unlimited Credits – The limit on the number of continues can be disabled, allowing for infinite continues.
  • Scan Lines – Mimics the nostalgic CRT monitor display.

About the S-Tribute Series

Reprints of classics produced and developed by City Connection with the Zebra Engine during the Saturn era. Play a variety of titles with improved controls and new features.


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