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Digital Foundry: Fire Emblem Engage is 972p docked, handheld just below 720p, big step up tech-wise

characters in Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

Digital Foundry have been playing through a final copy of Fire Emblem: Engage and have come away impressed stating that the game is big step up from Fire Emblem: Three Houses from a visual standpoint. While Fire Emblem: Three Houses was a great entry in the series, the art-style and performance weren’t really much to write home about. Intelligent System’s have stepped things up visually for Fire Emblem: Engage and have successfully created a bright and vibrant game which holds its own against the more recently released, Paper Mario: Original King. If you are curious the resolution for Fire Emblem: Engage is 972p docked mode and just below 720p in handheld mode, and generally runs at 30fps in both modes. Here’s a few extracts from the article which you can read here.

“For everything Three Houses did well, I always felt that the presentation was a disappointment compared to prior entries. A muted color scheme, extremely basic background design devoid of lighting and thin, aliased edges on characters are just three problems the game faces. It’s not a good-looking game when you get right down to it – but developer Intelligent Systems has pedigree here as Paper Mario: The Origami King is a beautiful game.”

“Resolution wise, most pixel counts I performed came in just below 1080p – usually in the 972p range or so. Portable mode is also slightly below the native 720p of the Switch but, thanks to AA, it winds up looking a lot cleaner. So overall image quality is a huge win for this title.”

“Performances are also improved over Three Houses. Just like the last game, there’s a 30fps target, but it’s achieved more consistently, which is a big plus point in combination with the improved image quality. There is one area where the game does exhibit regular hiccups, I should note – the transition point. Now this is an awesome feature that was also in Three Houses where the game seamlessly zooms in from the battlefield down into the combat view but every time it happens, there is basically a brief pause in the action that manifests as a stutter. Aside from this, however, overall performance feels more consistent than Three Houses both in docked and handheld.”

“Overall, I’m happy with the technical improvements made over the prior entry. It looks and feels a lot better than the excellent but homely Three Houses while solving many of its performance issues – and that includes the lengthy loading times. Fire Emblem Engage may not be a technical marvel, but it’s an example of a game that feels perfectly at home on the Switch.”

2 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Fire Emblem Engage is 972p docked, handheld just below 720p, big step up tech-wise”

  1. I just hope it has a good story and isn’t drowning in life-sim mechanics and minigames. Or time-travelling offspring. Or a main character who doesn’t have amnesia and/or is the reincarnation of some kind of god dragon thing.

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