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Animated opening sequence for Fire Emblem Engage (English)

characters in Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Engage is just around the corner and by all accounts it appears to really nail down and polish the all-important tactical aspects that make Fire Emblem series such a riveting and addictive series. While we await all the reviews which will be published prior to the game’s release on the 20th, YouTube channel N1-Up has uploaded the full action-packed opening sequence in English. As you already know, the game’s art-style seems set to divide opinion. with its colourful and vibrant anime-inspired visuals, but it is going to be the all-important storyline, the pivotal main characters and gameplay which will define it. Fire Emblem Engage will be released on Nintendo Switch on Friday, 20th January.

2 thoughts on “Animated opening sequence for Fire Emblem Engage (English)”

    1. Yeah same here. Watching this opening scene feels like I’m watching Anime in 2023. Anime style games are always so amazing these days. Not planning on getting the game but I do love the Fire Emblem franchise, it’s characters and it’s medieval themes.

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