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Latest UK charts sees eight Switch games in top ten

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games

The latest boxed-video game software charts have come through from the largest gaming market in Europe, the United Kingdom, for the week ending 7th January, 2023. It hasn’t been a particularly eventful week due to a lack of major new releases, though they will start trickling out very soon. This week saw Sony Santa Monica’s God of War: Ragnarok return to the coveted No.1 spot, presumably due to more PlayStation 5 stock arriving. There are currently eight Nintendo Switch games in the top ten including both first and third party games. Here’s the GfK UK Boxed Top Ten for the week ending 7th January, 2023:

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
11God of War Ragnarok
22FIFA 23
43Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
34Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
55Pokémon Violet
66Nintendo Switch Sports
77Pokémon Scarlet
88Animal Crossing: New Horizons
99Minecraft (Switch)
1610New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe


6 thoughts on “Latest UK charts sees eight Switch games in top ten”

  1. Are we sure we really need a Switch 2? I mean none of these Switch titles except MK8 are really groundbreaking when it comes to graphics. You would think games that really bring out the performance of Switch would prove we ready for Switch 2. Why are we wanting a Switch 2 to be backwards capatible playing Animal Crossing or Minecraft?

    1. For me personally , more power means better looking worlds , more possibilities thus better experience overall.

      Lord of the Rings movies are good because they handmade all the suits , build entire cities in miniature and so on , the visuals are beautiful and it adds to the experience. The Hobbit is all CGI so it looks worse and the experience is worse (sure this is subjective but most people agree on this).

      Zelda Breath of the Wild is a good game but they put 80% effort into it while it could be 100% effort with better tools to work with. Why make a 10 when it could have been a 10+. As someone who played Nintendo since there first consoles I think specially Zelda but also other titles deserve only the best of the best and not second best. That said a better looking world again adds to the overal experience of the game when my jaw is hanging on the floor or i’m standing somewhere looking at the scenery.

      People who love Nintendo also overrate Nintendo titles and gameplay , compared to the 90s wich was Nintendo’s golden age they don’t produce nearly as many solid titles and gameplay wise there are other company’s who produce the same level or even better.

      You also need a switch 2 if you want any other titles than Mario and Zelda cause third party will get even harder to get than it already was. Unless you don’t care about a strong big library like the Nes , Snes and Gamecube.

      1. Papi, breath of the wild has 100% effort with the tools they had at hand, having no horse power doesn’t mean they didn’t give everything they got into making it, i’d say they gave 100% and beyond.


        1. Zelda is my nr1 franchise I played the first Zelda ever released at the age of 4 , played all of them multiple times , own all the books. Zelda deserves the best. Also your miss reading me , with Horse Power it could have been even better so no it doesn’t shine at full power (see Hobbit movie vs Lord of the rings). Lastly if you really want to mordernize it Genshin Impact for example does the same with a bigger world , better story , better quest systeem , pretty much better on every level so its not up to modern standards eather.

  2. Im surprised Minecraft is within the top 10, i enjoyed the regular edition of Minecraft or Java edition. Haven’t hardly played since the Bedrock edition released. I own Minecraft as both digital and physical, the physical edition you can pick between Java or Bedrock. Unfortunately the digital edition is only Bedrock and no option of changing to Java.

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