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Tim Miller temporarily directing Borderlands film for 2 weeks of reshoots

Believe it or not, it has been almost 8 years since it was officially announced that there is a Borderlands film in the works. There was lots of filming that had been done in 2021, but there hasn’t been many details on the film since then.

Well, there has been an update recently. It has been reported by Deadline that the reins of the movie will be temporarily handed over to Deadpool director Tim Miller. Director Eli Roth is not fired, but Miller will be handling a couple of weeks of reshoots while Roth directs a new Thanksgiving slasher film. Not only is Roth still involved with the Borderlands movie overall, but he has given Miller his blessing for the reshoots, which will be done in March.


3 thoughts on “Tim Miller temporarily directing Borderlands film for 2 weeks of reshoots”

  1. Makes it sound like Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani did a bad if you only read the part where it says he ain’t fired with the way it’s worded.

  2. Honestly didn’t even know a Borderlands film was in the works. I like Borderlands Just not interested in all the spin off titles they release like Tiny Tina and Tales From The Borderlands.

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