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Persona 4 Golden on Nintendo Switch currently 92 on Metacritic

Persona 4 Golden art-work

The acclaimed Persona 4 Golden from Atlus releases on Thursday for the Nintendo Switch and other current platforms including Xbox Game Pass. The reviews for the remastered port of the classic PlayStation Vita RPG have come through and the Nintendo Switch version of the game is currently sitting with a superb 92 Metascore on Metacritic based on 14 critic reviews (09.20 pm UK time). Here’s a sample from some of the reviews which have been published by different publications along with their respective scores.

“If you missed Persona 4 Golden on PlayStation Vita or Steam, it feels right at home on Nintendo Switch (the version I tried myself). Visuals are crisp in both handheld and docked modes, there are plenty of quality-of-life tweaks around difficulty options and save files, and it runs at 60 frames per second the majority of the time, except for scenes involving fog.”

“Yet, for all the flaws in its script, Persona 4 Golden manages to mine heartfelt stories from other veins. Persona 5 Royal is a veritable amusement park of side activities that can sometimes be overwhelming. In Inaba, however, having fewer distractions lets you focus on your bonds much more closely. It will take some time to adjust to being away from the city, especially without a smartphone constantly buzzing to let you know where everybody is at all times. But there is no need for one. You’re bound to stumble upon a friendly face on your way to the riverbank.”

Polygon (no score)

“The combat system is simple to parse, gradually growing in complexity as more elements and enemy types are introduced. Further, the ‘1 More’ system granting additional turns when a weakness is struck is at the crux of most encounters here, applying to both foe and ally alike. In a sense, everyone can be perceived as being on an even playing field, heightening tension in challenging battles. If you’re a general fan of turn-based RPGs, you’ll be at home here, and newcomers will feel welcome as the difficulty presented, even on Hard mode, is nowhere near the level of, say, the Shin Megami Tensei titles. On-the-fly difficulty customization opens the title to vaster crowds, too.”

“Story-wise, Persona 4 Golden is the cream of the crop, providing a satisfying mystery to solve that remains engaging during its relevancy. Every breakthrough is significant, multiplying the sense of catharsis once the solution is found. And the cast is the heart of this title, with there being several events of them simply hanging out and bonding. A delicate yet noticeable balance is struck where the story and character relationships are efficient. Neither aspect is compromised for the sake of the other.”

“Persona 4 Golden is a terrific JRPG through and through. It contains a must-experience narrative, thrilling strategic combat, addictive customization, tons of optional content, and an endearing cast; all you could want from the genre. Furthermore, its shortcomings, like the mediocre dungeon design and unnecessarily long start, are relatively minor, not drastically affecting the quality of the experience. Regardless of your history with Persona or JRPGs in general, Persona 4 Golden is worth the time if you stick with it, as it’s near the heights of its contemporaries.”

Noisy Pixel 9/10

“Persona 4 Golden was always one of the best games ever, and more people can now experience it thanks to this Switch release that has everything from the original with the addition of new languages and a new quick save or suspend save option that unlocks after playing for a bit making this a much better version of the game. Even though this was a PS Vita game originally, I was hoping the Switch release would target 60fps and have crisp visuals. The PC version was a much nicer experience than the PS Vita original. This Switch version does indeed target 60fps (with minor issues including some related to frame pacing) and looks amazing when played handheld. When played docked, it has a few rough edges thanks to a lack of good anti-aliasing. When it comes to the visuals and performance on Switch, this new port of Persona 4 Golden delivers despite the minor issues.”

“I’m all for more of the PS Vita library to come to modern platforms and Persona 4 Golden remains the best PS Vita game that will now be playable by so many more people. I’d even recommend the Nintendo Switch version over the PS4 version thanks to that version not having any PS5 improvements and it lacking cross save with PS Vita while the Switch version benefits by the hybrid nature of the system.”

“Persona 4 Golden is perfect on Nintendo Switch, and an easy recommendation with its low asking price. With Fire Emblem Engage and Persona 4 Golden, the Nintendo Switch is starting 2023 with a bang. If you played Persona 4 Golden on the original PS Vita many years ago, it is well worth revisiting on Nintendo Switch right now, and it feels like a dream come true on the OLED screen.”

The Mako Reactor 10/10

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