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Fire Emblem Engage gets 82 on Metacritic

Fire Emblem Engage characters

Reviews have been pouring in this afternoon for the new entry in the long-running Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem Engage, and it seems to be a hit with the critics point of view with a average review score of 82 on Metacritic with 63 reviews (6pm UK time). The most notable take on Fire Emblem Engage is that Intelligent Systems have mostly done away with the social relationship aspect which the last game, Fire Emblem Three Houses, excelled at. Fire Emblem Engage opts for a more traditional battle-based experience, which will either float your boat, due to disliking some of the social aspects of Fire Emblem Three Houses, or alternatively it will be a tad disappointing to hear if you did enjoy that. Here’s some choice snippets from a small selection of Fire Emblem Engage reviews:

“I want a Fire Emblem game to make me think. Challenge me. Make me work with the units I’m given. Offer maps with interesting terrain or elements that force me to do things I might not want to do. Serve up a good cast of characters and unique elements to make it exciting, and give me the opportunity to keep growing and experimenting. Fortunately for not only me, but Switch owners at large, Fire Emblem Engage does all of these things.”

“Intelligent Systems and Nintendo really went above and beyond when tailoring this tactical timesink. The gameplay is sound, with elements that will challenge longtime players. The accessibility options are ample, so folks coming in from Fire Emblem: Three Houses can ease into a more typical Fire Emblem experience and not be intimidated by the nuances. Fire Emblem Engage is amazing and a wonderful way for Nintendo to kick off 2023.”

Siliconera 10/10

“After putting in some major study sessions and passing its tests in 2019’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Fire Emblem Engage makes the potentially surprising decision to take a purposeful step away from that focus on time management and teaching. Many base activities and socializing aspects with your team are still here, but Engage makes the smart move to adjust its sights back toward the roots of the series by putting engaging tactical combat first and foremost.”

“It’s no small feat that Fire Emblem Engage is able to tell a simple-but-fun story that celebrates the vast history of its series in a way that doesn’t rely on prior knowledge of that legacy. Building the perfect team of diverse characters and pairing them with the Emblem Rings of past heroes allows for tons of customization and strategy, and blasting through the enemy ranks with their special powers is always immensely satisfying. Both its main and side missions provide a good deal of challenge, and clever twists and obstacles offset a reliance on overly familiar mission objectives. Couple all that with a suite of quality-of-life improvements that immediately feel vital and Fire Emblem Engage proves itself worthy enough to be counted alongside the legacy it honors so well.”

IGN 9/10

“This is a significant improvement on Three Houses and while still low tech, even for Nintendo, the graphics are notably less embarrassing – even if a lot of the talking head sequences still play out in front of a static backdrop, like an old SNES game. We don’t know how some fans are going to take to the ultra gaudy costumes, which make most characters look like they’re on the way to a fancy dress party, but we much preferred it to the tedious seriousness of Three Houses.”

I”ntelligent Systems is taking a risk making the game seem so cartoonish and over-the-top but in terms of gameplay this is a much more serious strategy offering. At this point, given all the new moves and abilities, we wouldn’t be surprised if the next spin-off was a fighting game but when it comes to mainline entries this is just about as good as Fire Emblem has ever been.”

Metro Game Central 8/10

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    1. You have no idea how hard it is to dodge spoilers, had to with Scarlet and Violet and especially with Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Essentially i had to not go to my social media and with YouTube i had to unsubscribe to those with Xenoblade content (with the exceptions of Chuggaaconroy and Tom Fawkes) but i did sub to them on my other channel that I was forced to make when Google was like “YoU nEeD tO uSe YoUr ReAl NaMe FoR yOuR uSeRnAmE blah blah blah”. Still mad about even if it’s been years, could have ignored it and they would have given up. Then again i wouldn’t have had a forced second channel for things i don’t want on my main one. Anyways good luck, I’ll also try and avoid spoilers.

      1. I’m still annoyed by that. I have to use my main alias for my name because I don’t want my real name plastered all over my comments, YT vids (if I ever decide to make ’em), etc. Google needs to make it to where we can set JUST our nickname as our display name. Instead, for our display name, we only have the option of First Last, First “Nickname” Last, & First Last (Nickname).

  1. Looking forward to it, im trying to avoid spoilers but im not a diaper baby so it’s cool if others post about it i won’t make a fuss or if streamers broadcast gameplay it’s cool because im not a diaper baby i won’t make a post about it.

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