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Nintendo of America uploads eight minute Fire Emblem Engage overview

Fire Emblem Engage logo

Nintendo of America has now uploaded the eight minute overview video for Fire Emblem Engage which is due out this Friday on the Nintendo Switch family of systems. If you are curious about certain aspects of the forthcoming strategy game then the video should have you covered, including how the new combat system works along with the many different classes and characters you will encounter on your lengthy adventure. Fire Emblem Engage currently sits on Metacritic with a 82 Metascore based on 63 reviews. Fire Emblem Engage launches Friday on the Nintendo eShop and will also be available at your favourite gaming retailer.

7 thoughts on “Nintendo of America uploads eight minute Fire Emblem Engage overview”

  1. So Switch has another Fire Emblem do to immediately working after the first one launched. Ditto for Octopath Travelers 2. While fans waiting for Metroid 4 over 20 years from the 3rd one or Tropical Freeze if the rumor is true about DK then it will be 9 years. See what happens when developers immediately work vs, don’t do nothing?

    1. This has more to do with the teams that handle those games. Fire Emblem games are made by Intelligent Systems, Octopath Traveler by Square Enix, and so on. IS has been cracking those FE games out, they have nothing to do with Retro taking so long. We shouldn’t be asking why we have more FE games than DK, or Metroid games. We should be asking WTF is happening at retro that it’s been taking this long.

      1. +DemiGOD
        I have to admit, I am surprised Metroid Prime 4 has taken this long even with them having to restart the game from scratch with Retro Studios.
        But hey, the longer time they spend the better the chances are of it being a good game, right?

        1. I sure do hope so. I can name at least 1 game I’ve played (Kingdom Hearts 3) that took a decade to release & it was a letdown when you consider how long it took for it to actually release. Not to mention how much I heard about people being let down by Duke Nukem Forever which also took a long tine to release. I’m sure some found Final Fantasy XV a letdown, too. (I wasn’t disappointed by it til they bloody canceled the last 3 episodes for it. Especially when I found out how much better the ending was gonna be if they were released. Which is annoying when Episode Ardyn set them up nicely by making you question Bahamut’s motives.)

      2. According to Grunty’s logic, when Metroid Prime 4 finally does release, he’ll say “why didn’t they work on this game sooner!? Hurr durr!” even though they’ve been working on it for the past 5 years now. (Or however many years it’ll be when it finally is released since it’s 2017 announcement.) Because apparently working on something immediately also means it comes out with the snap of a finger. (Even God took 6 days to create everything.) 🤣

    2. +Gruntilda
      Oh shut up, seriously shut up, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
      It’s always the same uninformed ignorant nonsense with you. If you’re such a mastermind about running a major company and pumping out game after game, why don’t you try getting into that yourself?

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