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Fire Emblem Engage’s lead voice actor frustrated at GameStop as didn’t fulfil his Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition pre-order

Brandon McInnis, who is the lead voice actor for Fire Emblem Engage, has published a series of naturally frustrated tweets at North American video game retail chain, GameStop. The reason for the tweets is that Mr. McInnis had pre-ordered the special Divine Edition of Fire Emblem Engage at the popular retailer and the order was not fulfilled in the end by the retailer. The reason his Divine Edition pre-order wasn’t fulfilled was due to the corporate side of GameStop pushing pre-orders of the Divine Edition without knowing their guaranteed stock level. He ended up purchasing the digital edition from the Nintendo Switch eShop and paid an unspecified amount for the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition from an eBay reseller. It seems incredibly likely that a large number of people were affected by GameStop’s actions of offering a product without first checking with the distributor how many copies they were actually going to receive.

10 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Engage’s lead voice actor frustrated at GameStop as didn’t fulfil his Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition pre-order”

  1. Typical Gamestop, whatever happened to Gamestops motto “Power to the player” Let’s head over to The Twitter and make some strongly worded post expressing are feelings and send a strongly worded email.

  2. That’s how I know my GameStop. The exact same thing happened when I ordered my Nintendo Switch there. And another time when I preordered an Amiibo. That was when I decided to never order at GameStop again.

  3. Sucks, but its also nintendos fault for making it so limited. They should know the special edition will be desired, making it limited makes no sense when people would willingly just buy it. They should just do a launch edition with goodies for first month and then one without for later stocks.

    1. I was able to order one on launch night like at midnight off best buy. Told a few friends who also got it too. No idea why best buy was only one with extra stock.

  4. I havent bought from a game store in years, all my purcases are online now after being screwed over badly years ago. Theres a store here in the UK called game, and back when the Wii and PS3 were relevant I pre-ordered Pandoras Tower, Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Mass Effect 3 with them, even put money down for them. Game cancelled all four pre-orders at the last minute, refused to give me a refund, and imnstead offered me store credit. Havent bought a single item from them since.

  5. I’ve worked at GameStop and we would get games early sometime a week or two early and certain desirable titles people we be like I want these so take it away from actual customers who ore ordered it.

    That being said my car broke down and made me not able get my divine edition and woman working at GameStop tried her hardest hold divine edition and so said they’d try get me another one as I ote ordered it. So it depends on store, those who work there, and their district manager

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