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IGN: Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony won’t be at E3 2023

E3 2023 official logo June 2023

E3 is supposed to be returning later this year. In fact, it has already been confirmed by the ESA and ReedPop to be returning June 13th through 16th. However, it is highly dependent on what video gaming companies will be participating in the event this year.

Sadly, that is already showing signs of concern. IGN has reported that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are not going to be a part of E3 2023 “or have a presence on the Los Angeles Convention Center show floor”. Microsoft has already confirmed that they’ll be doing a showcase around E3 time, but despite expressing support for E3 recently, it won’t be anything more than that.

Sony and Nintendo have yet to announce anything, but the former hasn’t been involved with E3 for at least a few years now. The latter has enjoyed having a video presentation every June, though they had decided to have a Partner Mini Direct last year. That said, this would be the first time Nintendo doesn’t even have a presence on E3’s Los Angeles Convention Center show floor. Sony has also continued having video presentations in the summer, but the month has varied.

As for why, IGN says their sources explained that that there are still “ongoing frustrations” with the ESA due to their actions having had “incredibly mishandled the E3 brand over the last three years”. ReedPop’s involvement with producing E3 was supposed to help fix this, but there is apparently “a lot of missing information”, even though E3 is around half a year away from happening. Unfortunately, their sources said that “there’s not a good sense that there’s an understanding what this show is going to be or how it will come together, which is strange from a company that does such an amazing job with PAX twice a year”.

It is very likely that Nintendo and Sony will have video presentations in the summer, like usual. The specifics are another matter entirely. Nintendo could just end up having another Partner Mini Direct, just like last year. Sony, meanwhile, may decide to have their video presentation later in the summer. That said, whenever Nintendo announces their summer Direct, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, E3 is still almost half a year away, and Nintendo hasn’t even held their first Direct of the year yet.


6 thoughts on “IGN: Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony won’t be at E3 2023”

  1. Zelda Tears of the gaming

    Wow, this is it, the beginning of disappointment! 😂 If Nintendo don’t care to much about E3, then they may skip it to September like last year. We can hope that they don’t, but the hope here is very small, it depends on how Nintendo feels, and how (cough) lazy they feel. If they don’t have to bother, then it’s simple, they won’t. So, let’s hope this elusive February/March direct is full of juicy zelda/Pikmin/other information. Otherwise it’s just down to the Pokemon company at the end of feb, and that might only be DLC. Enjoy your year folks, Zelda might be the biggest title this year! 💖

  2. E3 is pointless unless you physically go there anyway. Directs are the present. And all three major companies will have one this Summer.

  3. Its not pointless to me as i always took off 3 days and sat at home watching everything E3 related it was my favorite time of the year as i could see it all in a short window of time rather than this new way of throwing info out sporatically whenever they feel like it. Honestly I spent alot more money on games a couple years ago than i do now, ever since they stopped E3.

  4. E3 is pretty much meaningless now. I don’t really pay that close to the other twos’ presentations, but Nintendo hasn’t been making a June direct at E3 time like they used to, and it’s a real shame. We don’t really have a time to look forward to big news headlines each year, it just happens at random now.

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