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Super Mario Bros. Movie poster released

Believe it or not, there is just a little more than 2 months before Nintendo and Illumination release The Super Mario Bros. Movie. A few trailers have been released in the past 6 or so months, but you may be surprised to hear that there hasn’t really been many posters yet.

Well, it seems that that is about to change. You see, a brand new poster promoting the movie has been officially revealed on Twitter recently. You can see the poster, as well as a tweet about the matter from the film’s official Twitter account, down below.

7 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Movie poster released”

  1. Being pretty honest but they been doing a good job so far with the trailers, most trailers usually show off a lot of spoilers and basically give most of movie plotlines away and stuff so it feels like you watched the whole movie, even after seeing all the trailers I still don’t have too much of a clue everything that occurs in movie so I don’t honestly feel spoiled so ready for this movie.

    1. That’s because Nintendo never have a clue what they are doing 😂 they didn’t put Luigi in Mario 64 or Mario sunshine which was a huge mistake. They didn’t put yoshi in Mario Galaxy 1, then no yoshi in 3D world, then no playable Luigi in Mario Oddesy, what a crazy company, yet most people will still support them, don’t even get me started on how bad the Pokemon company have become 😂

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