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New Super Mario Bros. Movie clip released

The premiere of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is getting closer. In fact, it is now getting to the point where commercials for Nintendo and Illumination’s film are beginning to appear in the United States. One of them aired earlier today, during one of the National Football League playoff games that took place.

What may make this 30-second commercial interesting for you is that there’s new footage. Cat Mario makes an appearance, and fans get their first look at how Seth Rogan voices Donkey Kong. You can see the commercial, courtesy of the movie’s official Twitter account, down below.

13 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. Movie clip released”

  1. Cat Mario is better then puss in boots

    It’s still 2 months away which is forever 😂💖 I really don’t like illumination, they delayed this movie just so they could get puss in boots out, no one cares about puss in boots, it would have been great having this movie out at Christmas time, as I’m sure that’s what everybody including Nintendo wanted grrr 😡

      1. I get that this is a joke from the trailer. But I could report your IP address to the police with this comment as a real death threat. It’s 2023, watch what you say online. No one has a sense of humor anymore. Everyone is guilty even if innocent. And if you don’t like something you are a troll. No one is allowed to have an opinion or even merely exist in 2023. And if you don’t like the new TLOU episode b/c it leaves out cool stuff from the game… then you are automatically a homophobe.

        1. lol, so what you’re telling me is that you also do not have a sense of humor anymore. You don’t need to trauma dump your internet sorrows on me, man. I know how the internet works

        2. No, they would look at the thread and trailer and know he was commenting on it. Stop with the scare tactics. Just because you are lame doesn’t mean everyone else was.
          Ohh and also you literally threatened them by saying you could report them to the police. That alone is a threat and reportable.

  2. So close yet still so far.

    Wait… Isn’t 65 also coming out in April!? checks b4 freaking out Phew… 65 is in March. I haven’t been to a theater since Marvel’s Endgame, and I’m ecstatic for both of these movies.

    I honestly wish I had gone to see Smile in theaters because that movie was awesome. Definitely had me on edge all way through. Had to take a break midway, though, because my anxiety was on overdrive.

    1. 65 does look good, but I’m worried that it’ll be another Moonfall and flop because it’s a fictional take on natural/scientific phenomenon. If you’ve seen Moonfall, you know what I mean.

  3. I was hyped for this and then Pratt happened. I will now not even watch it, but it or even watch it on cable. This will completely ruin everything Mario was and is and I do not want that and want to remember what Mario actually is.

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