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Super Mario Movie images scanned from McDonald’s France cardboard toys

A French Reddit user has uploaded some high quality Super Mario Bros. Movie image scans from the fast food chain McDonald’s cardboard figures giving fans a better look at nine of the characters which will feature in the upcoming animated movie. The Super Mario Bros. Movie images scanned include Bowser, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach. The gorgeous-looking Super Mario Bros. Movie launches on Friday, 7th April.

Images (click to enlarge)

Update: One of the readers sent this in:


12 thoughts on “Super Mario Movie images scanned from McDonald’s France cardboard toys”

  1. There’s Happy Meal Mario Movie toys up here in Canada right now. I can snap a pic and send it in if you’d like. My kid just got DK in his.

      1. those disney style eyes.. those chuby squashed faces!
        It’s ok I guess.. but why not go for smth different or original or keep it close to the videogame designs

      1. Agreed.
        I guarantee if Illumination had designed the characters on a different style (either similiar to the company’s own or something else unfitting to the Mario cast) and these current designs had been initial concept art or first stage of work, most people would have raged at the company for not using the latter instead.

  2. I seriously don’t understand the complaints some people have about the movie designs. From a western design perspective they look as close as they could possibly be to their ‘original’ style while still having a good, solid consistency of their own imo. God knows how Illumination would have designed the characters if they weren’t under the watchful eye of Miyamoto.
    Would the complainers have rather preferred Illumination made the designs (espcially Mario, Luigi and Peach) closer to their Despicable Me and Secret Life of Pets style? (no offense to any fans of those franchises btw)

  3. I’m with Eddie. Those designs look like generic and soulless. Shouldve been more like the game. Makes me sad too.

    1. To each their own, but I respectfully disagree on that. Can’t see what exactly is “generic and soulless” on what we seen so far.
      Look at Bowser for example, if someone had showed me his design and render long before the official movie announcement, the leaks, and the first trailer I never would have guessed it was from the movie. I would have thought it was from a new upcoming Mario game. Considering Illumination’s earlier works we should at the very least be grateful Miyamoto was and still is as closely involved as he is with the design process (among other major parts of the production).

  4. it’s like McD’s. McDonalds must be the best burger in the world right? They are the same everytime, never degrade, and they’ve sold the most by far all over the world.
    Except you know you aren’t eating an actual delicious real burger. Just one made for the masses. Again.

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