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Jakks Pacific reveals Super Mario Movie-themed toys

Jakks Pacific range of super Mario bros movie themed toys.

The Super Mario Bros Movie is arriving this spring and judging from the trailers we have seen so far and it is looking very impressive visually. Respected toy manufacturer, Jakks Pacific, will be launching its own batch of toys based on the Super Mario Bros Movie. The company has partnered with IGN to showcase four figures and the figures shown so far are Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and Toad, with more Super Mario Bros Movie-themed figures to be revealed on 25th February. and the toy line will hit shelves on that same day. The Super Mario Bros Movie, which is being co-produced by Nintendo and animation studio, Illumination Entertainment, will arrive at cinemas on 7th April.


3 thoughts on “Jakks Pacific reveals Super Mario Movie-themed toys”

  1. The 4 they’ve shown look magnificent wonder what others will be revealed February 25th. The amout of detail is pretty nice especially the props like the plunger. Wonder how much they cost for each individual toy or are they bundled together.

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