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Level-5 announces New Fantasy Life, Professor Layton and DecaPolice games

The new Fantasy Life game for Switch from Level-5

Level-5 revealed a slate of new games during the Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday evening. The prestigious company has a new Professor Layton game in the works, a new Fantasy Life game and a new game in the form of DecaPolice. A release date for the intriguing Professor Layton and The New World of Steam wasn’t announced by Level-5, though it will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Another Nintendo Switch exclusive is a new entry in the charming Fantasy Life series which is titled, Fantasy Life: The Girl who Steals Time, and is scheduled to release worldwide this year. The last game from Level-5 is a new suspenseful thriller which is, DecaPolice for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles and will be released worldwide this year. Here’s all the details along with the trailers for all three games from Level-5.

Fantasy Life: The Girl who Steals Time:

A new chapter of Fantasy Life that transcends time. Begin a fantastic life on a ruined island, and embark on a great adventure into the past! Gather friends, craft, and build your own city.


  • A completely new entry in the Fantasy Life series.
  • Build your own city and go on adventures on a new island.
  • Explore the island with whatever Life (occupation) suits you.
  • Travel between the past and present to unravel the mysteries of this ruined island.
  • Popular characters from the series make a return.

Professor Layton and The New World of Steam

  • From a series with over 18 million units sold worldwide.
  • Solve epic riddles as you progress through the story of this puzzle / fantasy adventure.


  • A mysterious detective story with investigations in a virtual world.
  • DECAPOLICE is a crime-suspense RPG from Level-5, developers of the Layton series.
  • The main character, a rookie detective named Harvard, hunts down criminals in a huge open-world crime-ridden city, travelling back and forth between physical and virtual reality.
  • Look forward to a mysterious detective story with investigations in virtual space.
  • DECASIM, a virtual world created from a perfect copy of reality.
  • More than just a simulation, it’s a complete copy of a real city, a forbidden place where memories of every past crime lie dormant.
  • “Clues” found in DECASIM can help unravel the riddles of the real world.

Source: Level-5

8 thoughts on “Level-5 announces New Fantasy Life, Professor Layton and DecaPolice games”

  1. I’m happy for the Level-5 fans, what a treat.
    Its great that FL is back, and nice to see Layton again as well.
    I’m most interested in DecaPolice though, and just the game (knowing Level-5 they most likely cross-media the heck out of this IP lol).

  2. I ain’t even going to lie: Deca Police was easily my favorite announcement from the direct yesterday 😎

    I can’t explain why, but recently I’ve had a craving for more police themed video games: I’m going to go ahead and blame Astral Chain and Trails from Zero🚓

  3. FANTASY LIFE IS BACK!!! Sorry, but I loved the first game. This has me very excited.
    Oh, and also: PROFESSOR LAYTON IS BACK!!!!!

  4. L5 dipped out of the western market before even giving the one game westerners were waiting for (Yo-kai watch 4++), realized they made a mistake and decided to publish games in the west yet again without even giving westerners the game that would have been their best selling game in the west in the first place 😒
    What make it worse is they’re completely skipping over said game and are taking a chance on games that have less of a chance of selling well😔
    Yeah unless they plan to announce Yo-kai Watch 4++ for a western release I don’t see L5 staying in the western market for to long this time either and to be honest I won’t miss them because that was the only game they made on switch that I legitimately wanted.

  5. I absolutely loved the original Fantasy Life on the Nintendo 3DS so when I saw this pop up I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really thought the Fantasy Life series was tried but Level-5 games didn’t think it was worth continuing. So happy to be wrong on that 1.

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