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Game Freak wants to “continue making titles outside of the Pokémon series”

Pocket Card jockey on Apple Arcade

Game Freak, Creatures and Nintendo are the 3 companies involved with making Pokemon games. However, Game Freak recently took a break from Pokemon to release Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On, which released on the Apple Arcade subscription service earlier this year.

Well, it seems Game Freak’s interest in non-Pokemon games is not just limited to Pocket Card Jockey. Game director Masao Taya recently told Axios that “we believe that it is very important for the studio to continue making and releasing titles outside of the Pokémon series”.

As for Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On, Taya says they’re not done with the game yet. In fact, Taya told Axios that “some of the feedback we’ve received has been that the game is too hard, so I would like us to carefully adjust the balance going forward. We are also planning other updates, but at this point I still can’t reveal any details”


10 thoughts on “Game Freak wants to “continue making titles outside of the Pokémon series””

  1. As someone else pointed out, I’ve yet to play any other game outside of Pokémon that they have made which was worth it.

    But, maybe they can surprise us in the future.

    1. I thought Harmoknight was interesting, but it felt like it was lacking in something that would’ve made it great. I also can’t help but feel that these other projects are contributing towards problems in the mainline Pokemon games…

        1. Exactly. At their current size they’re spreading themselves too thin, and with the amount of money they’re making they have the money to hire more help, but they don’t. I can’t make sense of this company one bit.

  2. Damn, just some nitpicks but there’s a typo in the first paragraph’s first sentence. The last sentences of paragraphs two and three also have typos.

    Would it be worse if they didn’t proofread this before publishing, or would it be worse if someone did?

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