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Nintendo could be adding ability for players to add Pokemon to Pokemon Stadium

The official logo and art for Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium is coming soon to the Nintendo 64 app on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which is excellent news, however, there is one glaring issue. Players will not be able to import their own Pokemon into the Nintendo Switch Online version. This was a key feature in the original Nintendo 64 game and will make the Nintendo Switch Online version more difficult for players, as you are unable to raise your own set of Pokemon to use in the game. Interestingly, a member on the Famiboard forums spotted that the Japanese video announcing the inclusion of Pokemon Stadium in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack catalogue has been revised and Nintendo has erased the blurb saying ‘Pokemon cannot be transferred to these games.’ Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that the feature is coming to Pokemon Stadium on Switch Online, but hopefully there will be an announcement on the horizon.


16 thoughts on “Nintendo could be adding ability for players to add Pokemon to Pokemon Stadium”

    1. There’s not much to play. It was awesome when it released just because it was Pokemon in 3D and you had the option to just pick any Pokemon for your battles. I think there were also a few minigames… I remember one with Lickitungs and sushi… but other than that, there’s not a lot to write home about. Stadium 2 did a lot more though.

      1. I always treated the Stadium games as the first 2 gens’ postgames. It gives you a lot of incentive to train different Pokemon for the different cups much like the Battle Frontier did.

  1. Nintendo are a cheeky bunch, if that was their plan all along, then there was no need to include false advertisement in the first place. Let’s hope for some big hitters from the Pokemon company in two weeks

    1. It’s possible that when they first added the blurb it was true that they had no intention of getting it to work.

      Sometimes breakthroughs happen spontaneously and they were able to implement a way for this feature to work on modern hardware. It’s impossible to know unless someone who worked on the feature tells us, but my main point is that it’s possible that it wasn’t purposeful false advertising on Nintendo’s end

      1. What I loved most about Pokémon Stadium was exactly that using it as Pokémon Bank and playing Red and Blue on the tv. It also made it easy to know all the Pokémon by their names and types and strengths and weaknesses. I remember when I use to catch Pokémon then save them on Pokémon Stadium then reset the game and start it over and put them back on the game.

    1. I also wanna know why can’t Nintendo have all there movies and cartoons released on their own Switch consoles under the expansion pak? I mean I would love to watch Pokémon from again or Mario Bros or even DK again.

    2. This is actually more possible than you may think. For years N64 emulators have been able to emulate the controllerpak add-ons, you can use project64 to import a pokemon game save from gameboy to the pokemon stadium games.

  2. We used Stadium only for new game+ back in the day.
    Though the game was not mine, and I did not have N64, I still don’t remember really playing any of it ever.
    We played mostly Golden Eye or snowboard kids.

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