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Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund now owns 7.08% of Nintendo

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News has emerged today that the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund has increased its stake in Nintendo and now owns 7.08% of the Kyoto-based company. The Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund previously had a 5.01% stake in the company in May 2022 and then increased that stake just last month claiming 6.07%. Today’s stake brings that total figure to 7.08%. The Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund has been rapidly investing in video game companies with their subsidiary Savvy Games Group snapping up stakes in Embracer Group and Capcom, amongst others.


15 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund now owns 7.08% of Nintendo”

    1. From what I understand years ago foreign companies can invest but can not be a majority or control a japanese company according to japanese law.

  1. I don’t appreciate this, they’ll eventuality buy the majority of Nintendo and destroy it with greed. Well, even more greed.

  2. Collin Moriarty has been beating this drum for years. These guys have hands in Take2, Blizzard, Activision, Nintendo, Capcom, Embracer, and own over 90% of SNK. See, Saudi Arabia has banned The Last of Us 2, Mafia 2, GTA series, and the God of War Series just to name a few. They have been buying off companies little by little in the last few years, investing billions per year. Bith Savvy Group and Tencent have been investing billions and people should be worried about them taking over.

  3. Y’all a bunch of racists. This is for the greater good. This type of funding is good for the developers and the teams behind our beloved franchises.

    1. Its not about Race, it’s the way the country operates and it’s beliefs, it’d be like giving Vladimir Putin or North Korea control of companies and how much they’d change and destroy what said companies were

  4. Great. Same-sex marriage will become banned in Harvest Moon games and the next Pokemon games will have Dragon-type Pokemon smash into tall buildings.

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