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A glorious Tunic deluxe physical edition is set to launch on Switch in July

The excellent indie adventure, Tunic, will be getting a special deluxe edition physical release on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in June. This edition comes with full-length staple-bound manual, a mini-manual, a foldout map, some sticker sheets, plus a digital download code for the complete game soundtrack. It will ship on 28th July and will cost you $45. If you want even more then you can splash out an additional $19 for the Tunic hardcover instruction book, which is beautifully illustrated with Tunic’s in-game manual. Here’s all the details:

Tunic Deluxe edition and the extra hardcover instruction manual:

  • Full-length staple-bound manual with the full contents of the in-game manual (full of spoilers!)
  • Mini-manual with basic instructions (and no spoilers)
  • Foldout map of some areas and dungeons
  • Sticker sheets with iconography from the game
  • Digital download code for a copy of the complete soundtrack by Lifeformed and Janice Kwan

4 thoughts on “A glorious Tunic deluxe physical edition is set to launch on Switch in July”

  1. I ordered both the deluxe physical game version and the hardcover manual as soon as I heard the announcement. I am super excited that Tunic is finally getting a physical release!

  2. I know it says “special deluxe edition physical release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in June” but im wondering outta curiosity if they plain on having a digital deluxe edition available and if you purchase on PS4 can you upgrade to the PS5 edition free.

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