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Square Enix remastered Chrono Cross due to preservation fears

logo for Chrono cross remaster on switch

Square Enix has commented in a recent video on why they decided that Chrono Cross should be remastered. The announcement of the remaster of the classic RPG was initially meant to commemorate the game’s 20th anniversary. However, the remasters producer, Koichiro Sakamoto, has now publicly stated that there was more to it than that. Sakamoto says that they were depending on the Game Archive service for their classic RPG’s on Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, but at the time the PlayStation 4 became available to purchase and they weren’t sure whether that console would continue with the Game Archive service, so to stay on the safe side, they decided that they would create a remaster project. Here’s what was said:

“Back when the project was launched, Chrono Cross was possibly going to become unplayable. There was a Game Archive service on PlayStation 3 that allowed you to play PlayStation 1 games. But PlayStation 4 was already on the market. We didn’t know at the time if PlayStation 4 would also have a Game Archive service. It looked like Chrono Cross could become unplayable. So, a remaster project was set up. That’s the backstory.”

Remaster producer Koichiro Sakamoto


9 thoughts on “Square Enix remastered Chrono Cross due to preservation fears”

    1. Exactly.
      I have noticed many companies are remaking many games. This is for two reasons. 1. Game preservation and 2. Ideas, just like the movie industry new game ideas are becoming very few. On top of that many of the older games are cheaper to remaster than it is to make a new game that probably wouldn’t sale as well. Nintendo do is one I have noticed going all out on this and it is because their IPs are all great and they add a lot to the switches li early which I expect the new Nintendo system to be backwards compatible with.

  1. Hey squareenyx! Dont ruin great psx games with low quality adroid ports!!! If game (ff7,8,9, crono cross) look and run terrible and not smooth like on original psx i never buy! This is main reason i dont buy ff9 for switch!
    I like original game menus and systems. Noone need max party stats in start of the game! That ruin game fun! Gime 1:1 game ports! And release full final fantasy games without stupid dlc. I need nobuo uematsu back too! Stop create starwars fantasy games and do more ff9, ff7 style games. I now play Crisis core and now i need dirge of cerberus for switch!

    1. There’s a nice mod on PC for FF9 that makes it look, feel, and play a lot closer to the original. A lot of fan work went into it, and it’s pretty neat. Highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already

      1. True, but PSX emulation has made huge strides lately. Definitely in no small part due to some Dolphin devs working on Duckstation. I’d say that PSX is probably on par with SNES emulation at this point

      2. True but with time emulation does perfect itself, as long as there is people dedicated to game preservation and their passion for gaming in general.

        Like recently the past 10 months the Dolphin Emulator (for Wii and Gamecube) has made alot of big progress to fix long time standing issues. Even hav the Dx12 api render option b fixed now to where its as stable as Dx11 api render now; With added performance benefits over Dx11.

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