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DNF Duel roadmap revealed with Nintendo Switch version out this April

Artwork for the fighting game DNF Dual on Nintendo Switch April 2023.

The fighting game enthusiasts at Arc System Works has revealed the roadmap for the spin-off of the Dungeon & Fighter series, DNF Duel. The first in-game content will be arriving this summer with the introduction of a new character named, Spectre, along with a new Awakening System. As you can see from the roadmap below, there’s plenty of content planned for the game into 2024. DNF Duel launches on the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, 20th April and is available now on other formats.

  • Summer 2023
    • New Character Spectre
    • New Awakening System
    • New System
  • Fall 2023
    • New Character
  • Winter 2023
    • New Character
    • New Stage
  • 2024
    • New Character
    • New Character

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