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Deadline: Super Mario Bros Movie expected to make around $90M+ from Wednesday through Sunday launch

Movie site Deadline is reporting that tracking for the forthcoming Super Mario Bros Movie suggests that Illumination and Nintendo are expected to make around $90million during the animated movie’s opening. That would be from Wednesday, 5th April to Sunday, 9th April. Deadline admits that the tracking on the movie is fairly conservative and that they would be surprised if it didn’t see a triple-digit opening over five days. However, they have pointed out that the accuracy of movie tracking is still mending from the global COVID-19 pandemic.


9 thoughts on “Deadline: Super Mario Bros Movie expected to make around $90M+ from Wednesday through Sunday launch”

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Super Mario Movie made that much or more, can’t wait to see the movie and buy the dvd when it becomes available “Shutup and take my money”

  2. The most well-known and celebrated video game franchise making a lot of money with it’s movie? Who would have guessed.

    Actually, that’s not fair of me to get sarcastic. I guess movie and tv show adaptations of video games have historically been pretty bad. I think Sonic and Mario movies will get companies more confident in the idea, though.

  3. I can see it making that much but at the same time i can see it making way more cuz it’s Mario in that span of time.

  4. I’m so excited to go see the movie next month, it’s going to be the best video game movie ever hopefully.

  5. I was going to see it in theaters cause we watch all the major movies like missions impossible , marvel , dune , christopher noland ect. in theater usually around 8 movies a year but the 90 minutes run time really put me off. So are often mediocre movies to begin with and not worth the money.

  6. It will gross 50 million in that time span and it won’t even make a profit before leaving theaters. The movie will flop and that can be thanks to poor casting and mediocre animation.

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