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Rumour: Skies of Arcadia apparently up for the remaster treatment

Xbox Era has mentioned on a recent video that the next classic IP from SEGA to be getting the full remaster treatment will be the acclaimed action-RPG, Skies of Arcadia, which launched on the SEGA Dreamcast and the Nintendo GameCube in 2000. SEGA themselves have not commented on the rumour or provided any indication that they are working on the project. However, it should be noted that the company has said a number of times that they are looking to revitalise some of their extensive IPs from the classic retro vaults.


10 thoughts on “Rumour: Skies of Arcadia apparently up for the remaster treatment”

  1. Since SEGA meant what they said a few years ago about reviving old IPs from the dead. Seems like they are staying true to the point on what they said. Now it seems like a remaster for this game is already happening.

    1. The only thing not cool about it was the encounter rate, and the slow speed of battles sometimes. Everything else was top notch, a real light hearted adventure romp. Games these days sometimes forget to just have fun.

  2. i highly doubt it but should this ‘rumor’ turn out to be accurate, not necessarily true, then i’m giving money to sega however i’d like a switch port. until then, i’m taking this ‘rumor’ with a super shenron-sized grain of salt.

  3. If they just enhance the graphics and systems, I’ll be happy.

    If they try and pull a FF7 remaster, and butcher the story with a bunch of anime cliches, I won’t bother.

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