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Dragon Quest series chief producer has now left Square Enix

Sad news today for Dragon Quest series fans as Ryutaro Ichimura, a chief producer of the long-running Dragon Quest franchise, has announced on Twitter that he has decided to leave development powerhouse, Square Enix. Mr. Ichimura says that he feels the time is right in his life to move on from the beloved Dragon Quest series to challenge and push himself. It is not clear what is next for Ryutaro Ichimura, but whatever it is we wish him the very best.

“I’ve started to count how many more games I’ll be able to make in my lifetime. Especially now, when it takes three to four years to make a game, “we have to carefully consider each title we make. Once I can reset and reflect, I’d like to leave this blessed environment, and explore what can be made if I dare to push myself into a higher-risk environment.”


2 thoughts on “Dragon Quest series chief producer has now left Square Enix”

  1. I really feel like more information could have been included in this article. How long was he with the franchise? Dragon Quest goes back to the 80s, I think.

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