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Analyst believes The Super Mario Bros. Movie will generate around $3.5 billion

MST Financial senior analyst, David Gibson, has told news site Axios that he believes that The Super Mario Bros. Movie which is already breaking records will generate around $3.5 billion. Breaking that figure down, Mr. Gibson says that he is confident that The Super Mario Bros. Movie will earn $1.2 billion at the global box office and an additional $2.3 billion from its upcoming digital release. In the end he predicts that Nintendo will walk away with about ¥150 billion ($1.1 billion) after offsetting the costs of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and its share with partnered animation studio, Illumination.


21 thoughts on “Analyst believes The Super Mario Bros. Movie will generate around $3.5 billion”

  1. Lucas Fernandez Rossi

    Saw it yesterday and absolutely loved it. So many smart story decisions, interesting lore and a fast-paced and hilarious adventure. Totally worth your time, money and emotional investment!

  2. Amazing news i am very happy for nintendo i have not seen this ‘super’ movie but maybe this week i will!! wish me luck everyone :)

  3. I took me my wife and both my kids to watch it. It was a good movie not sure what the reviews are meaning but I thought it was good.

    1. It’s got an average of around a 7-7.5 across the board.
      As for reviews, they are all biased right now. Real scores take awhile to gather. Most reviews are duplicates if you look through them good.

      1. The irony of you calling other people biased lmao.
        I saw you in that other comment section, you were determined to hate this movie before it had even released.

        Cut the BS and just accept the fact that a lot of people do like this movie.

  4. This movie beating frozen 2 record made me remember the day i ran into Miyamoto during an E3 years ago, i was wearing a Loudness t-shirt and he said “Loudness…that’s an amazing Japanese band”, i was surprised that he is a big fan and i asked him how he felt when they referenced super mario bros. in one of their videos and he said “very humbled”, it was a nice short conversation that keeps in my mind and now has come to full circle…Why?

    The video’s for the song “let it go” and that day i told him a joke about how the frozen song is annoying and the let it go from Loudness is the best.

    Miyamoto is such a metalhead lml

    Here’s the video:

  5. Not worth my time. It is pushing the woman power crap and makes Mario look weak and dumb. The story is non existent and is nothing but a 1 1/2 ling advertisement.
    Maybe I’ll catch it when it comes to Paramount+ and I don’t have to pay for it and maybe I’ll skip it too. Not really happy with how any of it was done especially the casting, Pratt, Rogen and Ana Taylor are all horrible choices.

    1. I Didn’t like Peach in the movie and the Mario family bits were out of character other than that the action parts and most of the comedy were very good.

    2. Incorrect. It was going to push the “woman power” crap until Nintendo stepped in and said “naah fam, that’s not our Super Mario.” Yes, the story is weak, but that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s pretty much the same story as in the games. If the casting is your main issue, yeah, skip out on it.
      I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. It was a fun time and I enjoyed the nods and winks at other properties. The story was really lazy, though, and I say that as someone who’s always been a fan of the games’ minimalist approach.

  7. I don’t know what some mean by “woman power crap”. Peach has always been able to fight and adventure with the Mario Bros since Mario 2 on the NES. She’s had action scenes in the cartoon, starred in her own game, fought in Smash and the sports titles… Peach isn’t suddenly strong like some people are thinking. She’s been strong since the 80s though she acts delicate. Maybe some viewers were hoping she’d still act delicate in the movie or maybe be the one getting kidnapped instead of Luigi.
    Frankly, I don’t see the big deal.

  8. This will not come close to 2 billion. Most people that care to see it have already gone and seen it. It’s Mario you either love him or are mehh and it doesn’t matter. I see maybe 1.5billion from theaters and that is just because of the name as for the movie itself it is extremely boring with no storyline. Nothing but a huge ad for Nintendo and bad vice casting except for 2 of them.

  9. 3.5 billion would make it the highest-grossing movie of all-time, as the current record is James Cameron’s Avatar at just under 3 billion. No way it’s dethroning that.

    Plus it would put four Chris Pratt movies in the top 10; I can’t have that.

  10. They weren’t saying the movie was going to do 3.5 billion at the theatres. They meant 1.2 billion in box office, the rest, the estimated 2.3 billion or so, was to come in digital revenue aka streaming like Disney+. For what it’s worth, it’s tracking for about 1 billion worldwide in theatrical take, which will still make Super Mario Bros. the biggest video game movie of all time. But for CGI it isn’t going to touch the Frozen and Frozen II movies at nearly 1.3 and 1.4 billion.

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