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The Tartarus Key: a classic horror game set to launch

Armor Games Studios and Vertical Reach have announced the release of their latest game, The Tartarus Key. This PlayStation 1-style mystery horror game will launch on Switch, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on May 31. The game promises to be a thrilling adventure filled with twists, turns, and deadly surprises. The Tartarus Key is centered around the story of Alex Young, who wakes up in a strange mansion with all the doors locked and cameras following her every move. The mansion is filled with bizarre puzzles and traps that Alex must solve to escape alive. Along the way, she discovers other captives who she must also rescue to survive. The game features three different endings, and players must dig to the heart of the mansion to uncover its secrets and those of the captors.

The game is inspired by classic horror games and provides a tense and atmospheric adventure that relies on puzzles and plot instead of combat or chase sequences. The game’s developer, Vertical Reach, has taken great care to create an experience that is spooky without relying on jump scares. The team behind The Tartarus Key consists of Leonor Parra, founder of Vertical Reach, who is responsible for creating the game’s unsettling atmosphere. Kevin Colegate is the programmer in charge of ensuring the game plays as smoothly as classic horror games, and Josie Brechner is the composer, sound designer, and musician responsible for the game’s emotionally-driven sound world. The Tartarus Key promises to be an exciting and chilling adventure for horror game fans. The game’s reliance on puzzles and plot will keep players engaged while they navigate through the game’s bizarre scenarios. The game’s release on multiple platforms means it will be accessible to a broad audience, and with its May 31 release date fast approaching, fans can look forward to experiencing this classic horror game-inspired adventure.


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