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Pac-Man 99 online service to end in October

After Super Mario 35’s online service ended a couple of years ago, Pac-Man 99 launched on Nintendo Switch Online. The game has been very popular. In fact, as of last November, it reached 9,000,000 downloads. Unfortunately, we have some sad news to share with you tonight.

It has been announced on Nintendo’s official Japanese Twitter account that online services for Pac-Man 99 will end on October 9th of this year. The good news is that offline modes and paid additional content will still be available after the online service concludes. You can see the announcement tweet down below.

1 thought on “Pac-Man 99 online service to end in October”

  1. I fell off of this game so quickly after it came out. On paper, it sounded like it had the potential to be even more fun as a 99 player experience than Tetris 99, but every match just sorta felt the same to me in this one, so it got repetitive.

    Now I just wonder if Nintendo’s planning on replacing this with another 99 game (like how this replaced Mario 35)

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