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Rumour: Persona 3 Remake to be unveiled at Xbox Showcase next month

Persona 3

A vetted Atlus insider on ResetEra has hinted that the rumoured Persona 3 Remake will be unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase, which takes place next month. This doesn’t sound too far fetched, as the team at Xbox now have a good working relationship now with Atlus. When the various Persona remakes were first announced they came day one to Xbox Game Pass and the subscription service contains a few other Atlus games, such as the recently released Soul Hackers 2. The Xbox Game Showcase event is scheduled for Sunday, 11th June.


11 thoughts on “Rumour: Persona 3 Remake to be unveiled at Xbox Showcase next month”

  1. Hi sicker i am natan i really hope these come out for switch i have one and think its a great console :) thanks for all your hard work!

      1. One thing a tiny error in the article the P5R, P4G, and P3P Multiplatform releases aren’t remakes they’re remasters

        The thing about remakes is they are made from the ground up so when it’s called a remake it’ll raise hopes far too high for people

        FFVII Remake kind of did this as it’s not really a remake as much as a reboot it changes the story too much to be called remake, in fact it’s naming scheme is moreso based on the plotline where a certain person is remaking something cosmic

    1. I see no reason why it wouldn’t although obviously it’ll be like the p5r port with a bit lower resolution and 30fps. Its just a matter of waiting for the announcment I guess

  2. Eh, I’m not sure how much I believe this. Atlus might indeed have a good relationship with Xbox these days, but it’s still a relatively recent relationship and it doesn’t really make much sense to reveal one of their major titles at an event where there likely won’t be many Persona fans watching.

    I don’t doubt an announcement for this P3 remake is coming soon (considering the existence of it has practically been confirmed at this point), but I’m kinda doubtful this will be where it debuts.

    Who knows though, maybe I’m wrong. Atlus have certainly done weirder stuff in the past.

    1. I don’t see why not, a lot of third party titles makes it first appearance on Xbox showcases. That doesn’t mean it’s exclusive though, the Persona remasters got announced on Xbox first but minutes later confirmed on other platforms, happens all the time.

      By the way the original source got deleted and the resetera thread locked, could just be a false rumor as usual. We have a PS showcase next week, could be shown there.

      1. It’s certainly not impossible for it to be there, sure. Like I said, Atlus have been known to make bizarre decisions before.

        It just seems like a particularly strange place to show off such a title for the first time, considering that until recently the Persona franchise was almost entirely exclusive to PS, only having a handful of spin-offs on Nintendo systems and literally just the Arena duology on Xbox.
        Based on that, I feel like it’s safe to say that the Persona fanbase doesn’t exactly have too much presence on Xbox, certainly not compared to PS and Nintendo anyway (the fact that JRPGs have historically never had as much representation on Xbox further shows that), so it’s doubtful too many would be watching the announcement of it which isn’t exactly a good marketing strategy.

        I wasn’t aware that a PS showcase was coming up soon, but yeah that would be a much more suitable place to announce the remake considering that the original Persona 3, and all its various versions, were all PS exclusive until literally just a few months ago. The people who have nostalgia for P3 are, or at least were, PS gamers so it makes more sense to market to them.

        1. Atlus have been changing little by little ever since they got acquired by Sega, i doubt they would have made the Persona games multiplatform if it wasn’t for them. Which is why i wouldn’t be surprised if it was first revealed on a Xbox showcase. But that doesn’t change the fact their games still sell better on PS/Switch, i’m pretty sure the remaster sold way more on these platforms than Xbox even if it got announced there first.

    2. Yeah like the P5R, P4G, and P3P remaster announcements

      Announced at multiple different times for multiple different platforms

      So it’s good to be cautious especially with leaks

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