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Nintendo noticed lack of fan enthusiasm in February 2023’s Zelda trailer

The Washington Post has published an interesting new interview with The Legend of Zelda director Eiji Aonuma which gives more of a perspective on the development of the critically acclaimed Tears of the Kingdom. One thing mentioned in the interview was the lack of enthusiasm for the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer in February of this year, which if you’ve visited social media or forums, you would have seen a general lack of enthusiasm for the trailer produced. Nintendo picked up on this and decided that the trailer didn’t really explain the gameplay elements so they asked Eiji Anouma to do a short Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hands-on showcase in March which showed fans Ultra Hand and Fuse as well as the Sky Islands, which achieved the results that Nintendo were expecting. Then they released the follow up pre-lauch trailer in April, which was excellent.

“Another hiccup came when the second trailer dropped in February, and the team noticed a lack of enthusiasm. “People had not gotten their heads around the gameplay elements or where the fun might be,” Aonuma said. Nintendo decided to feature Aonuma explaining the game’s concepts in a 13-minute demonstration, which did the trick”

Washington Post interview


9 thoughts on “Nintendo noticed lack of fan enthusiasm in February 2023’s Zelda trailer”

  1. What? I’m fairly certain there wasn’t even any footage of these new mechanics in the trailer. What were they expecting exactly?

        1. the2peoplewholikedCFGscommentareedgy

          but you love supporting the culture that allows games like call of duty

  2. Lack of enthusiasm, just assuming they didn’t read the comment section for the trailer in February on YouTube. How much enthusiasm did they expect for a trailer that has a run time of 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

  3. I’m only going to explain this once which has to do with the lack of enthusiasm on a much larger scale. Japan is very close to war with China right now with record military funding and an army that has largely surpassed WW2 era soldiers which in Japan if you pay attention to how business works unlike here in the US the companies are NOT as independent. The Bank of Japan gives money to companies they deem ‘successful’ which Nintendo isn’t even in the top 10 list.
    In Japan you MUST agree with the ‘group’ hive or nothing is allowed to proceed and competition is generally not allowed not even within one’s own company: there is little to no individual thoughts allowed and part of this has lead to recent ‘culture clashes’ as westernism is seeping in and the older generations are reluctant to allow it.

    So therefore several things have happened at Nintendo which I think are effecting them internally since between BOTW 1 and it’s sequel.
    Covid f’ked them up for a long time as a lot of countries were locked down harder then the US and China has shut down their production factories for 2 years (and once again are shut down which) HOWEVER before Covid was even thought of they have had internal leadership issues.

    The death of Iwata has had a huge impact leaving a gaping hole in their hearts and then Reggie left further spreading salt on the wounds and the reasons for his leaving he claims he doesn’t like the ‘direction’ Nintendo is going. 2: Then on Game Awards night I think the one of 2019 just before Covid hit the father of the NES died right when Doug Bowser was walking up to the stage to speak. You can see he was speaking into his ear-piece they all carry and he looked devastated but didn’t want to upset the audience. So he did the right thing by walking back down and letting the presentation play itself.

    All this combined has been a really bad cycle of things for Nintendo which despite the success of their Flex machine I mean Switch it still isn’t enough for them due to internal issues within slowly eating them up inside. Not to mention they spend billions of Yen (I think that’s their currency) on their stupid theme park AT A TIME when people were scared to travel. I mean how stupid can you be?

    I know I’ll throw a billion smackaroos on a theme park at a time where nations are constantly shutting down and airports are largely empty plus at a time where world governments are suppressing people’s free rights to criticize what’s going on. Yeah that’s some smart investment all right! Either they were playing with fire or they knew the Covid restrictions were mostly BS.

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