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ATLUS: Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection trailer

ATLUS, the renowned game developer, has recently dropped an exciting new trailer for their upcoming release, Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection. This highly anticipated dungeon RPG collection is set to captivate fans with its revamped features and engaging gameplay. The trailer offers a glimpse into the game’s new elements, including difficulty options, teambuilding mechanics, auto mapping, and more. Moreover, it showcases the impressive enhancements in graphics, remastered sound, and a wider aspect ratio. With a global release date set for June 1 on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating this nostalgic journey through the Etrian Odyssey universe. Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection brings a host of exciting additions and improvements that are sure to enhance the player’s experience. The trailer emphasizes the inclusion of new difficulty options, allowing players to tailor their adventure to their preferred level of challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a rookie adventurer, there’s an option to suit your playstyle.

Another highlight showcased in the trailer is the revamped teambuilding system. Players can now assemble their party with even greater precision, selecting from a diverse roster of characters with unique abilities and skills. This opens up exciting strategic possibilities, allowing players to experiment with different team compositions to overcome the game’s formidable challenges. One of the most impressive features revealed in the trailer is the auto mapping function. Mapping the intricate dungeons has always been a central aspect of the Etrian Odyssey series, and now players can enjoy the convenience of automatic mapping. This feature not only saves time and effort but also allows players to focus more on the thrilling exploration and combat aspects of the game.

ATLUS has spared no effort in giving Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection a visual and auditory makeover. The trailer showcases the stunning enhancements in graphics, elevating the game’s immersive atmosphere to new heights. The remastered sound adds another layer of depth and immersion, bringing the captivating world of Etrian Odyssey to life. With its captivating trailer, ATLUS has successfully generated even more excitement for the upcoming Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection. Fans can look forward to a thrilling dungeon RPG experience, enriched by new features such as difficulty options, improved teambuilding mechanics, and the convenience of auto mapping. Combined with the enhanced graphics and remastered sound, this collection promises to deliver an unforgettable adventure when it launches worldwide on June 1 for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Prepare to embark on an epic journey through the Etrian Odyssey universe like never before!


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    1. Anonymous Skywalker

      No box for USA but Play-Asia does have a multilanguage physical version. Have mine on preorder along with Baten Kaitos collection, they had a USA version but something happened and told me i can switch or refund so i switched to multilanguage after i made my order.

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