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3DS firmware updated to Version 1.17.0-50U (patch notes)

Believe it or not, despite Nintendo‘s gradual discontinuation of features and services on the 3DS, they are still releasing some firmware updates for the handheld. They aren’t often at all, and they are never significant in terms of what they do. Still, Nintendo has been releasing them.

For example, Nintendo has done that very thing earlier tonight. If you still play on your 3DS and want to download the update, it’ll put your handheld’s firmware at version 1.17.0-50U. As for the patch notes, they aren’t surprising at all. The only thing Nintendo mentions is that “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.


9 thoughts on “3DS firmware updated to Version 1.17.0-50U (patch notes)”

  1. I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on hacking mine. I bet this update targets everyone who’s been downloading free games since the eshop closure.

    Or maybe not. Maybe the update made it easier? I’m too lazy to look up any info right now.

    1. If your 3DS is already hacked nothing changes (just updated mine). But i heard the update did break some hacking methods so people who didn’t hack needs to wait for new methods.

    1. Some methods requires going online but you should be able to ignore the update prompt, but there is still methods that work even on latest firmware, it just requires some extra hardware and tools.

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